Creation Care at Tenth Church

Good Seed Sunday inspires many acts of stewardship


A Rocha’s Community Garden Network inspires not only a garden but other acts of stewardship.

The members of Tenth Church in Vancouver, BC, are growing more than a community garden. They are growing in relationship to the Creator as well as in their understanding of how their urban lifestyles can honour God.

Empowered by the idea of caring for the earth and their neighbours, congregants have sown, weeded, and harvested bushels of vegetables in raised beds just inches away from a busy East Vancouver street. In the past two years, the food grown in Tenth’s “ Healing Garden” has graced the dishes served in the church’s weekly community meals.

Ranging from fresh salad greens to garlic and culinary herbs, the goodness of these local and organically grown veggies add to the warmth and welcoming hospitality extended to all who come to the church’s table.

Aiming for consistency in their earthkeeping, Tenth Church also composts all their food waste and scraps, and uses compostable paper cups and plates. Furthermore, all paper used is 100% recycled. (For a church of over 1500 people, this amounts to many reams of paper!)

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