Be an Advocate

Calling all Advocates to Plant the Seed!

As we prepare to launch this A Rocha Initiative, we recognize that the celebration is going to require a gigantic grassroots movement of people passionate about caring for all of creation. You may have been personally asked or maybe you just found this site, either way, we are glad you found us.

You might be a Good Seed Sunday advocate if you:

  1. Spread the Seed – Tell 3 people in your church about Good Seed Sunday and then ask them to pass it on, like the game telephone.
  2. Spread it Further – Like and follow A Rocha Canada on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up-to-date with Good Seed Sunday news! Email a friend or blog about it.
  3. Action Seeker – Show a video about Creation care to your church! Get your church to hand out seed packs (see Resources).
  4. Ultimate Action Seeker – Start a Community Garden. Ask your Pastor to preach on Creation Care.

You are invited to be part of the vision of inspiring hope and caring for creation at churches and other Christian communities across the country.